Help! Im stuck!


I need help with ways to start a story.


I recommend you to check out the guides and check out Joseph Evans video tutorials to start writing a story!


@S.Dsana I got most of my information from Joseph Evans… But I just need some ways to get a story going…So if anyone is interested ill tell you what my story is about.


Sure, what’s your story is about?


@24aya My story is about a girl whose life is changed when her abusive mother finds a rich man and her step father kind’ve raped her and she feels lost and she doesn’t know if she will ever be normal again…because when her step dad raped her she felt like she didn’t deserve anyone and anything so she breaks wither her bf and people spread rumors that he felt he go got what he wanted…and everyone starts hating her until…she met the new girl…and the new girl wanted to be friends with her and because of that, people started hating them even more…and some guys decide to make a bet…whoever is able to sleep with the “weirdo” wins. They all try except Jaden… he wanted to know her story…and since he was “a bad boy” She wanted nothing to do with him. She ignored all of the guys until she was partners with Jaden…Jaden didn’t want to work on school because he didn’t like school…until his friend reminded him that it was his only chance…so he took it… Okay i’m sorry that I made it long lol tell me if you wanna know the rest…or if you can tell me how to start the beginning from this.


Are you looking for help with your story via the forums or are you looking for a writing partner? These are two different topics and belong in two different sections of the forums. Please let me know. Thanks!


@Jeremy I’m mostly looking for a writing partner. Tell me if you can help me