Help in backgrounds

hi, people, could someone please resize these for me? To be able to get a background approved on the portal, the bg has to be 640 pixels wide and 1132 pixels tall, could someone please resize these for me?


I may not be online, please , please, someone help me, if ou resized them for me, please send them here ], I’ll reply as soon as I see it, thank you

Uh are you sure you want to resize it to 640x1136 that’s only one frame (one zone)?

It makes the background a bit weird.

Here you go- and I don’t think the shuttershock picture would be approved since it’s been watermarked.

where did u get these backgrounds from? @Shoosha138

I see one from beauty and the beast movie.

Yeah, to have it one zone it’s 640x1136, to have it two zones it’s 1280x1136 and to have it 3 zones (the biggest you can have it) it’s 1920x1136. If you need a place to resize your backgrounds go to , download the image from your computer/phone, then click on dimensions and enter one of the three sizes above:) then just click ‘resize’ then click ‘download’ in the box. I recommend doing this on your computer/laptop💓

If you wanted you could just crop the shutterstock out of the image? X

Yeah but I prefer not to take copyrighted images from the internet :smile: it has a bigger chance of not getting approved.


u cant do that.

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I guess it was just quick thinking. :heartbeat:

yeah, it was.

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lol yeah one is from beauty and the beast, the rest, my friends found them for me.

haha I’m on pc so can’t do that, are the correct size now?

Thank you so much, I can’t even describe what a big favor you’ve done for me, would you mind doing these too?




could someone please do these for me too? You’d be saving my life

You may are not able to use the last one it has copyrights marks on it so it might not even get approved

where did your friend find all of those backgrounds.

Probably from google​:woman_shrugging:t4::slight_smile:

google and pintrest