Help in coding a scene please ❤️

I’m coding a scene but I’m having some difficulty fixing theses problems as they have many overlays

First the scene is in the morning on the beach with waves moving as an overlay and a girl is standing admiring the sea then 2 females passes as an imagination in her mind then after they pass the time passed till sunset and also the wave overlay is moving

The problem is that when the 2 females passe the wave overlay changes also it’s opacity with the background

Second when I do the transition between day and mid day the character that standing pops suddenly

I know my explaining is so weird and I want to send here a gif video showing the issue but it doesn’t want to be uploaded I’ll try again in a few minutes to send it and if you want to dm me on Instagram to send you the screen record video also that’s fine (@riaa_episode)

Here’s the script coding:

Okay the video is 30 sec and when I tried again to send it as a gif here it doesn’t get uploaded fully so please if you can dm me I’ll be very thankful thank you in advance :heart:


Try to do a pause for a beat before the zoom

Didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

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It it the same line with the x

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