Help in mini game!

Hello! I need help in coding with a mini game. I want to know how to go back to the starting point again after the mini game has ended like an option if you’ve failed and you wanna go again. I would be glad if someone can help me! :pleading_face:

Thank you! :heart:

You’d need to do a label which takes you there! For example, if the person loses you, you’ll need to do

goto label start

Or whatever label you choose to put where you’d like the scene to go to when they choose the wrong option!
Hope that helps :smile:

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Ohh thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If I ever encounter an error/problem, can I message you? If that’s okay with you? hehe. But, if it’s not okay with you, that’s fine.

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Of course! If you have Instagram, you can message me on @ zondiewriter :)). If not, here is totally okay!

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