Help in my story!

Can anyone tell me what is the coding for choices of outfits in a story? :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Actually, I am writing a story but I don’t know the coding for choices of outfits…
Please tell me…

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here’s a simple template for outfit choices! this was made by dara amarie, so please make sure that you credit her when you use this.

label dressing_game_1

What do I want to wear?

choice (OUTFIT_1)
“Outfit 1” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1
#insert script here

} “Outfit 2” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit2
#insert script here

} “Outfit 3” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit3
#insert script here

Do I want to wear this one?

“It’s perfect!” {
#insert script here

} “No, I want to try on the others!” {
goto dressing_game_1


Thank you​:heart::kissing_heart: