Help in need of a edited story cover

Hi, I’m making a story

Can someone make me a cover? I would like it to be edited, is someone interested in making it for me?


I wish I could help but I’m not great at covers, if it was a splash I could. I recommend @mimiepi (sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged)

A shop that @/mimiepi works at:

Sorry if that didn’t help, I can look for more! <3


can you tell me what her instagram looks like

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Well it looks like this:

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Thank you for the tag xx @Chloe.episode123 :blob_hearts:

@rosebear42 I can help you if you want xx :white_heart:

Hey I’m a commissioned artist so yes I can make you one :slight_smile:

sure ill text you on instagram and tell you what i would want

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