HELP! In need of a title

I need help what to call my story my original idea was the devil and his angel but I checked it out to see if anyone had it and they was already someone who had it.
My story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and a man saves her who is a vampire and they fall in love. The vampire has been searching for his soul mate his whole life 1990 years he is the oldest vampire. They realise the girl has a heritage of magic to.
I need help with what the title could be.

You can try Seeking Intimacy

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Soul Searching

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Devil in disguise
kindred spirit
Hearts Desire

Uhh that’s all I got…


I am going to use Seeking Intimacy do you want credit?

Thanks for using my suggestion, you can just say follow my Instagram @allycat411.

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1,990 Years
Seeking Soulmates
Seeking A Soulmate
Seeking The Soulmate
Magical Soulmates
Vampire Magic

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