HELP! Is my overlay against copyright?

Hey! I’ve had a go at creating my own overlays, but is there a way I can get them into my story?
[sorry if theres already a simular post to this, i did try searching first]


Yes! you can upload them to the art catalog and start using them in your story


Just like Marysol said, you can.

Go to the overlays section in the art catalog and click where it says “overlays available for all stories.” There should be an option for you to upload your own overlays :smiling_face:

Almost like the above comment says, you do go to the art catalogue, and select the overlays tab, but rather than clicking on for all stories you click on “Uploaded to YOUR account”.


How to upload your own background and overlay

I made my own thread and many tutorials like this… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks guys for your help! Before I upload my overlay I’ve copy & pasted an image of a baby buggy into a background remover, does this mean I cannot use it as it isn’t originaly my own image…?

{heres what it looks like}

Would I be able to use this is my story?

Depends where you got it. If you get images from a public domain website like pixabay or pexels, you can use them , they’re copyright free
you cant use images from google or smth like that though

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You have to go to the art catalog and upload it.
When you get to the art catalog page click where it says
“Background: Available For All Stories” and select where it says “Uploaded to YOUR Account”
Select your image and upload it, make sure its a PNG and below 1 MB.

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