Help is needed!

Hey! I need help. If you want the reader to change hair and make up in my storie how do I do? and if you want to do it more then one time in the storie. Cause I have done it one time before but it only work to do one time in same episode?

To change makeup:
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into LipColor
*replace LipColor with an actual name that exists : )

To change hairstyle:
@CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle
*replace Hairstyle with an actual hairstyle that exists : )

Wonderful templates by the talented @ Dara.Amarie for makeup and hairstyle:
For limelight:

For ink:

Remember to give credit if you use!

And you can add the template more than one time in an Episode, you just need to change the labels for the other ones and their corresponding gotos to match : )

Good luck!

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thanks ;D

No problem :wink: