Help Is this normal

Hey I wanted to know if you buy art from someone is it normal for them to tell me the art is going to done and it’s not that done that day. And she every time you text her she says she will send it later that day what should I do.

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It can be normal, as sometimes people are busy. If this persists and they keep making many excuses, I’d suggest asking for a refund if they’re not going to send it.

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Ok thank you because it was originally post to be done this s 8th of this month.


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I think it really depends on how long ago you asked him/her. If request artists take at least a week to do an art piece, I expect that commissions will take just as much, if not more, time. If doing art is their job, then I would think that it’s fair to ask them (nicely, of course), but if they do it on the time, I might give them a week from the day they accept the request before asking about progress.