Help, Is this review fake?


So, a few weeks ago I filled out a forum for a review from this account on instagram. Weeks later I had finally gotten back the review and I’m bit confused.

Typically in reviews they would reference a character, scene, or detail from the story.

But this girl wrote a very short, undetailed, and strangely vague review.

I’ve had quite a few reviews done on my story and I had never been informed that I had layering issues and I’ve even been complimented on having an animations for every bit of dialogue.

Is it just me or does this look fake?
She never mentions my story.
Her points aren’t even right?
And it’s brief.

Not to mention her post is strange looking. You can see the tag bar on the bottom left from screenshotting.
She screenshotted a background and pasted my cover on it.
It doesn’t even show what episode she was on, she dropped that out.

Am I crazy,


idk zad lol that’s basically how I review. but I agree they didn’t give you examples of a specific scene where there was a problem.


Hm, I agree it does look a bit wrong. Maybe pm them and ask specifically where they meant it. They could have spotted something. Or they didn’t review it properly


I messaged the girl asking to send me screenshots proving she read it. She hasn’t responded.


Hm yeah that does sound off-putting


I agree with you. It just seems too broad. How many episodes did you agree on anyway?


this review definitely seems a little sus. The words she uses (great, interesting, and creative) are very vague. It has the same feeling as a backhanded compliment


I don’t believe it Asked.
I assumed 3


Yup definitely fake. I read your story and every line had an animation.


Back in the days I asked for a lot of reviews to improve my story. There was a IG group that gave me a fake review.

How they did it was, they captured one of the tagged reviews and copied/rewrite a bunch of lines from all the other tagged reviews I got. It was very obvious because I was gaining a lot of reads everyday, there was no way my story could be reviewed with the read count from 2 months ago. Also all the favorite stories in the background was the same as the other user who tagged me! Moreover, all the lines in the ‘review’ were almost identical to my other feedbacks.

That’s probably why she hid your read count. It is also possible that screenshot with your story large cover was indeed from one of your posts.

Funny story is, they copied a line ‘I love the twist you included!’ I couldn’t help but commented “Awesome! Which plot twist are you referring to?” and the response was “I love that plot twist in episode 10!” Have you ever seen readers remember plot twists by episode? Hell! Even I have a hard time remembering which plot is in exactly which episode and I write the story!

It’s pretty sad what some people would do just to get a few followers for a supposedly ‘supportive’ Episode IG group.


I did some more research and found that her review was an altered version of someone else’s,
This was the other girls

This was the review I received

Look familiar?





LOL GREAT COMEBACK!!! :laughing:


Yo this is a conspiracy on another level omg.


I feel for you man, they don’t specifically mention any parts to your story, I’ll happily give you a review if you want.


I’d love a review! LMAO

Here sis.


Okay it’ll be done once my phone get’s 100%.


Aww you are a queen :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you.
Don’t be afraid to go hard on me with the review.
I’d rather a brutally honest review than a fake one :joy::joy:
I appreciate it though. I really love seeing other people’s perspectives on my story.