Help! It always gives me errors!

Hi I need help again! It always gives me error! But I already checked when I watched on youtube! (@NAME exits left)
But it always give me erroe pls help thx

This is the word that errors

This is what the error said

Thx again I hope u vould help me!

I think whats wrong isn’t the exit part but maybe the choice category.
Are you making choices for changing outfits?

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You forgot a bracket after “Outfit 2”.


Lol yes but I know why it gives me error thx anyway

Oh yeah! Thx, ughhhh…Why am I always blind?! XD

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Its ok I am too :joy: did the error go away?

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You could try this if it still doesn’t work
Note: No space in front or behind

NAME ( animation )
What should I wear today?

label choosing_outfit

@NAME changes into NAME_casual
@pasue for a beat
@NAME changes into NAME_fancy
@pause for a beat

“keep this outfit” {

    NAME (flirt_wink_atcamera)
I love it!

}“change” {

goto label choosing_outfit


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Thx I will try it!

No problem

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OMG! Thank u!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Hi again! I dont really know what to do it gave me an error

Hi, the problem is on line 133. It should be: “@SERENA is flirt_wink_atcamera”.
When you use “CHARACTER (animation)” it should have a line (or more) of dialogue under it. Otherwise, it will give you an error.
Also, I can’t see “label choosing_outfit” anywhere in your script, so that might be a problem as well.
And, as @/Aunty.Dumpling said, try removing the extra spaces.

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Is this correct? Although I still have an error…

Move the label on line 113.
On line 131, you should put some dialogue before “choice”. Example:

SERENA (talk_think_whateveranimation)
Should I wear this?
“Keep this outfit” {

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Ok i get ty

Is it like this? It still gives me error…

Sorry for stressing u… :frowning:

As I said before, move “label choosing_outfit” on line 113. Don’t keep it on line 117.
On line 137, remove the parenthesis. It should be “@SERENA is wink_flirt_atcamera”.
Also, on line 105, it should be “@JANE is idle_bounce_happy_loop”. You forgot the “@” and you have put an extra “_”

I got 3 warnings right now…

I’m going to say it again.
On line 136, remove the whole line, write “@SERENA is wink_flirt_atcamera”. REMOVE. THE. PARENTHESIS.
On line 105, remove the whole line, write “@JANE is idle_bounce_happy_loop”.
On line 108, remove the whole line, write “@transition fade out black in 1”

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Thx for ur help btw it’s ok if u don’t help me by now…sorry if I made u stress… :frowning: