Help! It won’t let me write like it used to anymore


Basically, I write my stories on episode interactive but using my phone, and it won’t let me click another line or the end of my lines easily. Does anyone know what’s happening??


There’s an issue regarding the mobile creation atm. Itll probably be fixed soon :thinking: but same is happening for me


Same is happening on the computer as well as phone. I think it is a bug or glitch.


Oh seriously?! Nuuuu


Yeah so when I was directing yesterday I could not click at the end of a sentence :sob: so I was just using the arrow buttons rip rip

Episode is trying to sort it out I think


Haha the struggle is real


So true :’(


Oh, really?




Other people are having this glitch, too, including moi : (

Can check out: Backspace Frustration!

Can submit a ticket here for any problems you are experiencing:

Hopefully, everything is fine again soon :facepunch:




Thanks :grin:


Is there anything there for people who write on phones?


Nope, I write on the computer, sorry, so I wouldn’t know much about writing on phones :sweat_smile:



Aww :tired_face:


Well, it’s like that but just a smaller screen and it isn’t as easy to type


Cool ^^




I got this as well so I had to stop writing for today (which bugged me because I had so much time) because I was on a party scene :joy::confused::confounded: