HELP! It wont let me log into my profile

Every time I try to log into my Episode Profile it says there has been an error! I have tried both Facebook and Google!

Try to delete app and reinstall it.

I know exactly what you are going through i can’t even get into it without it foreclosing and exiting game. I have tried everything ad still not working

multiple people are having this problem at the moment

What would you recommend i do to fix this and is episode going to fix it

I did that and it worked thank you!!! Although I’ve heard people have tried this and it still hasn’t worked

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling? That worked for me

Yes I have done that but still does not work just goes black and foreclosed again so i don’t know

I haven’t been on profile in months as it just won’t work :disappointed:

have you updated your phone personally. check your phone check your internet connection

I am trying to figure what can be wrong

My phone updates automatically and i did the new update yesterday so i dont know what to do

I have the same problem

I just managed to read 1 episode and now back to the same problem with the ads and still trying to fix it. My phone updates automatically so i don’t understand the problem with reading episode and i have plenty of space on here. So damn frustrating :unamused:

I would keep sending a ticket it can be at there end especially when episides is always updating thier app. I know yesterday i was reading stories and it would kick me off close app automatic and say error