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How do I turn the camera right/left, when my character’s are sitting down. Example: Headteacher and Principal stand in the middle and the Students sit down on desks - I want to move the camera behind them, when one of them talk.
Also, when two people are sitting down at a table; how do I move the camera behind each character, left and right…
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I haven’t started writing, due to the fact that I’m stuck.
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You just type:

@pan to zone 2 3 or 4


And for zooming u just put:

@zoom on (numbers) on (number percent) in how much time


Could you please, test it for me. :3


Just use the screen in the script to preview n it should tell u what the zoom is




When the students are sitting down.


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Whew it says zoom on that what u put make use the preview screen to see what zoom u want


On the preview screen u can move the screen


Could you please, copy and paste it here? I’ll credit you. :kissing_heart:




@zoom on 493 180 to 327% in 3


Can you paste the entire script that you made for me? I need to test it, or you could test it and send me screenshots.


I could just put this

Press zoom helper n u could move the screen to whatever zoom u want


Can you paste the entire script that you made for me?


I can’t sorry


It won’t let me


Okay. :cry: