Help! I've become a spendthrift!

Lately, I have been spending my money like crazy on them spicy noodles and some cute clothes I see online.

Are you crazy when it comes to spending money? Let me know in this thread.


I go insane All the Time with money

Like if I get £5 , I walk into the apple store like I can afford an iPhone :joy:


I remembered this rubber animal trend that was around a few years ago and literally the whole school would set up stationaries on the floor to trade and sell stuff

Hahaha no way

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When I save up enough… Yes! I could binge on candy, chips, garlic knots, and doughnuts… And more.

Then the next day I ask myself, How’d I lose all my money?


Lol I’m usually good at saving my money but when I need to buy something, I just go crazy spending money on the stuff I need.

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So you spend wisely.

Most of the time. Bleugh I feel like an idiot for destroying one of my favourite leather jackets by handwashing it and it cost me £60 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I have like $8 in my wallet and I feel like I’m gonna blow it all

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