Help I've read alot of forums but still need help

I am trying to get two characters to kiss_makeout using the animations kiss_makeout_loop for the girl and kiss_makeout_loop_rear for the guy

I have tried these following formats

@GUY moves to screen center AND GUY faces right/left
@GIRL moves to screen center AND GIRL faces right/left
@GUY is kiss_makeout_loop_rear
@GIRL is kiss_makeout_loop


@GUY is kiss_makeout_loop_rear AND GIRL is kiss_makeout_loop

My problems are…

  1. The girl does not follow the directing commands and she is in wrong layer (even though I moved her to the closest background layer)
  2. The guy walks backwards to screen center

Move them to layers

if you need them facing a certain way
see script

when the person is rear and you wan then to face left then you need to type &CHARACTER faces right
and if you want them facing right then &CHARACTER faces left

also try &CHARACTER walks to screen center
&CHARACTER walks to screen center
you do need to add spotting



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