Help! Like, again!

Hey guys! So I’m almost done with my first chapter, (woot woot! :joy: :partying_face:) but in my last scene, I want to have it pan to zone 2, and then theres this girl talking with the popular girls, and then it zooms in on the watch she’s wearing. but rn it’s not doing it properly and just skipping to the ending.

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That’s because you zoom and go to the end. You should ad a @pause for a beat after your zoom or @pause for # (number of seconds)

You could also do the following
&pause for 0.5
@zoom on 355 184 to 219% in 0.5

(Here you need to keep the second from the pause and the zoom the same, like this it will come to that point and end right after. When you make the pause shorter it won’t fully zoom, but if you make it longer it will pause a little longer before it will go to the end.)

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I"m checking rn!

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