Help - looking for a specific story!



Okay, so I’m trying to find one of the first stories I ever read on Episode. :sweat_smile:

The main character is a relationship counsellor whose husband owes a large amount of money to a group of criminals. He goes on the run when they come to collect the debt, and they end up taking her as collateral until he returns. She ends up falling in love with the main criminal and they eventually marry after she gets a divorce from her previous husband.

Does anyone have any idea what this story is? :thinking:

Thanks in advance. :blue_heart:


I don’t know the name, but I did read the story, I remember her boyfriend being a douche bag.


Oh 100% :joy:


I feel like it was sold __ I read it ages ago. :heart:


Is it Confessions of a Marriage Counselor by As Told By Brandi (I think)? Idk, that’s the first story that popped into my head. :thinking: I’m not even sure if that’s the title lol


No luck with either of them unfortunately :sweat_smile: I don’t think I’m meant to find it again :joy:
Thanks for the suggestions guys :blue_heart: