[Help] Looking for an Artist

Hello. I’m looking to hire an artist who can make a cover art for a story I’m working on. The lead character wears a veil. How much would a simple cover art be? Thank you.


There are a few free artists in the community(such as myself), but I think the cheapest commission you could do is probably $/£10

@line123462 has an art shop open you can request it from for free!

Hey! If you’re still looking, my commissions are open :hearts: I attached the shop below, and you can always PM me here or DM me on Instagram @nat.alia.writes if you have any questions!

My base prices range from $2 to $9, depending on what you’re looking for.

hey! try looking for artists under various hashtags on instagram, that certainly helps come across the right ones! there’s a few community artist with affordable prices too, on there.

@/caristikarts @/alyonivn.art @/wolyart @/nice.houseplant.bro @/ladymesk @/darl.arts @/levvuwu @/sassysalami_ @/old_arcture @/arts.elf @/sorceress_art_ are some i’d recommend:)

Hello, I could possibly help you out. I’m accepting commissions at the moment.

A Quick Look:

A few more examples :)

My commission open check my inst @va.arty

my commissions are open, if u r willing to pay.

Hey! I have just opened commissions
My prices range from $8-$15 and all money goes to Dara Amarie’s GoFundMe for her baby son :blue_heart: