Help! Looking For Specific Story!


MC meets guy in tattoo parlour that he owns. She is a student. Nursing or pharamaceuticals.

I loved this story but my app reset and I lost it!!


I think the name of this story is Anonymous,
I lost this story as well but I’m not really sure that’s the one.


Can you explain more, I think I might know what story you are talking about.


She lives with her best friend who she’s in love with… but he’s dating someone else and gets engaged… suddenly becomes jealous that she’s hanging out with this new guy she met


“Sidechick: guide to revenge” maybe.


I am sorry if this story name may not be the one you are looking for.


That’s okay, I really appreciate the help!!


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Sinful by Trisha?
I believe the main characters were Hailey and Dustin if that helps.


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