Help. looping background. it keeps haveing a space between it

I am trying to have lines on the ground to make it look like the street is moving but their keeps been a space between. what shall I do? please help

&overlay STREET LINES shifts to 0 567 in 0 THEN overlay STREET LINES shifts to 9 -559 in 3 loop INFINITE times



Is it this? Try putting it as 3 seconds to see what happens? I’m probably wrong lol.

I tried no its not that. then its just move op and down . I only want it go down over and over

Ah I see what you mean, you could duplicate the overlay and time it so it is a second or two behind the first one?

how do you do that?

@overlay STREET LINES_2 create from STREETLINES
@overlay opacity blah blah
Then just shift it and time it :wink:

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So i could make it work first. but then I realise its because the opacity is zero. but it works now. thanks for the help

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