Help, looping background!

I’m coding a scene in the mall looping background and I want to place background characters but I want them standing still not moving with the background, is it possible and if so howw?

Spot direct them and make them do walk_neutral_loop animation. They will stand at the same spot and keep doing the animation you want.

You said you don’t want them moving right? If so just add
@CHARACTER stands position

or for use spot directing:

@CHARACTER spot x y z

-Don’t add any animation, or any walking animation to that character. This will make them idle (float) while the background is looping. If you want them to do something else besides walking, then add that in its’ replacement.-

i did that but the character still moves with the background D;

What do you mean moves? Is your character doing an animation?

See the red head is just floating theere as they walk, I want her standing still in the store

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Ohhhh-I see. Yeah, well there’s 2 things you can do here:

  1. You can move the red head character at the same time in the same spot as the looping background.

(Which might not work out if your using the portal’s looping background and you can’t control episode’s background looping speed. If you download the looping background on it’s own and import it as an overlay, then you can simultaneously move the red headed girl and the background at the same time and same spot).


  1. You can download the looping background, cut out the red headed girl, and put her into the background and upload it as one. That way she’s part of the background–she just can’t be moving.

If you prefer not to do either of these then just remove her since she’s only 1 character as a BG character.

i want to do a couple characters actually, i think option 2 is better, how do i add the characters into the bg?

I can do it for you, actually. Just tell me send me a screenshot of them with the animation you want them as permanently and in a background without anything–like the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background

and tell me where you would like them in this looping background

aww omg really, thank you, do you have an epi instagram account so we could talk there?

Unfortunately, I don’t. But fill free to PM and and send the deets!

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