Help lost story!

I read a story a few years ago and it’s about a girl (MC) who was supposed to move to New York with her fiancé but the night before they left he broke up with her and she still went without him and ended up in a bar then got drunk and then woke up in a girls apartment. The girls name is maya and she’s a lesbian who has a twin brother (LI). They both have tattoos on their forearm of a dagger and they have icy blue eyes. They own a hotel and MC goes and works for them and becomes Maya’s roommate. It’s been on my mind for MONTHS plssss help!!! Also MC has a nose piercing and is adopted. TIA!!


I want to read that too, that sounds like my type of reading :joy:

The story description is giving me flashbacks yeah but i can’t remember if it’s the story ik and i can’t even remember the name😭

Omg, I’ve read this story! Why can’t I remember the name tho :see_no_evil:

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I FOUND IT!!! It’s called now or never by maayan


Wow that’s great news I’m hapoy for you ngl cause the relief you would have felt is a really good feeling :joy:

Hey guys, i really need help finding this story, which i read a few years back. So its about a girl named Ioana, who is 16, is facing psychological issues, lives in an orphanage where people think her as crazy. Then later she is adopted by a man Gabriel, who is 24, has a girlfriend called Elizabeth, yet he and Ioana fall in love. He tries to help her find her mother. She also has a best friend/sister named Jenna, and also meets a guy named Daniel(who also falls in love with her). Please help