Help make my story cover please!

Hello Everyone! I need help with creating a new Story Cover! I am good at writing but not making Story Covers. If you are interested in making the cover please submit some or your art samples.
Here is the Plot of the book so you can get the vibe:

“Emma, a normal school girl is walking home from school as she always does, She sees something from out of the sky… By the time she thought to run, it was too late. CRASH! she is under a asteroid… She lifts the asteroid not even aware, wondering how she survived.
After harnessing her powers, she became ‘RadioActive Girl’ saving her City from evil.
She struggles with balancing her friends, school, and super ability’s…”

Please submit your art samples! Thanks! :smiley:


Were you looking for an edit or a drawing?

I am open to anything. I do like the look of digital but I have not seen drawn covers.

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If you want it to be free, edited covers are where you’ll find the most luck. Artists usually have commissions for drawn covers. Look up “art shop” and you’ll find hundreds though.

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Ok thank you. Then I would prefer a edited cover.

There’s a lot of edit art shops open you can find some here

A New Complete List Of Everything! PARTIALLY OPEN (:

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Ok thank you!

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Hey are you still looking for a artist?
I can do edited if you want

Oh no sorry. I found someone afew days ago. I should have taken this down sorry for any confusion this may have caused. I hope you have a nice rest of your day. Sorry again D:

No problem :blush:

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