Help make zoom feel dizzy

does any one know how to make a zoom feel dizzy

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I would do it so that I wound zoom in and out on different spots in different times while using maybe some white overlay and changing the opacity of it whyle zooming to make the feeling he doesnt see 100% clearly…


That’s really confusing

Lol which part?

Do you know how to make different % of zooms?

Do you know how to zoom on different spots?

Do you know how to use overlays and animate them?

Ik how to use overlays and animate them . I know how to zoom just not in different spot or %

Can u show me wym

Does the white overlay help in making things blurry?

It will not make it really blurry but makes interesting efect too. If you would want really blurry efect you would have to download the background blur it in some program like photoshop and upload it as overlay than by changing opacity to different % in some time you van get the “all gets blurry” efect… Just this will not work peoperly if you have characters in the bacground.

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You simply give multiple zoom commands.

I am now on phone so its harder for me to write the comands.

Simply go to the preview window and use the directing helper\zoom helper to make your first zoom and copy it to your script

And repeate it several times by zooming in preview to different spots and always coppy the coordinates to your script.

So you will have several times under you something like this (the numbers are just random)

@zoom on 100 50 to 200% in 0
@zoom on 200 100 to 500% in 0
@zoom on 10 150 to 150%in 0

Than you change the time the last number change it from 0 to what ever will look good. Try quick zooms 0.5 for example.

You can also add easing function to the zoom so it will make the camera to go not in line which will also make interesting efect.


That was super-duper helpful! Thanks so much!

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@Farah_DeSantis Thanks for linking my post!
@Sillykitty Did your issue get solved or do you still need some help? If so, I could give you the code.


kind of , sorry am still confused

So, do you want the zoom to go around in a spiral?

Yes !

Gotcha. Let me code it real quick then I’ll pm it to you!

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