Help making a cover story. update :found artist, thank you to everyone who commented

Hi guys, im very new to episode and working on a story, I was hoping someone could help me with a cover story picture or multiple different scenes but most important that cover story. Of course I could do commission. Pls message me if you have experience making this type of art.


Hi, I’m a commissioned artist and I can help you with the art you need.
examples of art
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Sin título

Hi! I could help you out with covers/art :purple_heart:
Here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see more of my artworks. :heartbeat:

Examples *UPDATED*

I also draw males. Examples of them are on my IG.

Price Chart

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You can can check out our artshop :innocent:

Tag- @caitlindrewthis ( She also so great in artwork :innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

price chart of art
rates covers

U can check my thread for commissions

tesbie’s thread

thank you for the tag @Gurmeet

here’s my commissions thread <3

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Welcome Sweetheart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I do commissions, here are some examples of my work💗
If you’re interested feel free to contact me here or ig @emmaj.creates

If u still searching​:heart::blush:
2eera art shop (paid)
u can find all the info but if u r unclear u can pm me☺

Hello @Gurmeet Your Artshop is closed, I was just wondering if it’s permanently closed or if it’s going to be closed for long

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I can’t say anything that topic was closed by @/Sydney_H due to some argument between someone’s as you can see in that topic.

@_reem_al-sayed354 I will complete your request as soon as possible and give it to you here through pm or I can give it that to you through Instagram, you can tell me your Instagram I’d if you want me to send the art scene there! :innocent:(Wherever you feel comfortable)

If that topic doesn’t open by @/Sydney_H then I will make a new topic/ artshop but now I am not gonna make a new topic/ artshop because my exams were going to start soon so I can’t take request!

okay thanks I can’t do it on Instagram because I don’t have it yet but here will be fine and good luck with your exams, hope you do well

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Ok! Thank you :innocent:

Your welcome, good luck

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Hey @Gurmeet just asking if you are nearly done with the art scene please and thanks