Help making backgrounds into overlays needed

Hi! Can anyone help me make these images the right size to upload them as overlays (so I can make a character be ghost like) please? I did try just downloading them uploading in overlays, but it said the image was too big and I don’t know how to alter them lol
TIA and any help given I shall of course give credit to you in my story :slight_smile:

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I checked them, they can already be overlays

do you know how to change the size so they can be changed into overlays? It has to be converted but I can’t remember the name of the site I used to change the size of the background so it can be used as an overlay.

Compress png

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Is that the name of the site?


It says that it does not support the files for my backgrounds. Is there another one that you have?

First you have to convert your bg from jpng to png

For that use this

After that you may try compress png