Help Making LimeLight Characters

I really need help making a bunch of really really really pretty female LimeLight Characters and I’m dying for people’s help here!

I’m begging for people to help

I need 50 LimeLight Characters! I am not asking for 1 person to make me 50 characters! I’m just asking I feel you can make 1-2-3 characters each

Also please can you just leave a picture of the character (must me LimeLight, female) and leave the description of her down below,





Thank you soooooo much!

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Yes please

Can you put them in the comments pls or just do me but pls leave the description, thanks

You can create them by default, what do I mean?
Go to your script and write name like: @Limelightgirl1 and so the other 49 left then save it and it will appear a box of characters that dont exist but can create them at the moment.
It’s really easy, you can try it out.
Obviously it will be by default but if you really dont care about clothes it’s fine. :slight_smile:

Yeah but I need the limelight that girls to be really beautiful as possible, but if it’s random it’s not going to be that good, but thank S for the suggestions

Ah okay, no problem! :blue_heart:

Thank you that’s great

Yes please, can you make more! :blush:

Hair: layered baby bob(black dark)
Face:hart soft
Skin:copper 01
Nose:grecian soft
Mouth:full round pouty(red deep matte)
Eyebrows:arched natural (deep brown)
Eye:deepest upturned wide (blue aqua)

Hair:long down wavy princess braid (platinum blonde)
Face : heart soft
Skin:neutral 01
Nose:round button upturned
Mouth:full round pouty(pink warm matte)
Eyebrows: round thin high(platinum blonde)
Eye: female generic (blue green)

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My fave so far

But thanks to everyone

This will do I guess:
Skin tone: rose gold 02
Brow : arched thick styled
Hair : over shoulder braid
Face:Heart defined
Nose:Defined natural
Mouth:Small heart

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Thanks, also I’m looking for someone to write a romance story with me?

I will be happy to help :blush:


Pm. Me.