Help making Mood boards?

I was just wondering if somebody can explain to me how to make a mood board. I’m going to release my first story and would like to make a mood board for it…


if you want i can make u one
and to make moodboard u need to have an editing app like PicsArt
u need to find aesthetics, neon signs or anything that reminds u of your character

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Thank you :heart: I’m just trying to learn how to do it on my own… so for the character do I just find somebody that looks like them…


I use picsArt and inCollage for most moodboards, but any app like that should work. To find photos that fit the aesthetic of your story it’s best to search on pintrest for inspiration. Any images of neon text/writing, shoes, sweets, lips, are good to include. If you need anymore advice feel free to ask me!

Some examples of stuff you can search for

Some moodboards/collages I made


yes i mean i find one person on pinterest and try to find out their name so that person could be like a muse for my character

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