Help, Making New Friends!

I’m going to move to a boarding school on 11 June…

Problem is, I don’t know how to make friends! It doesn’t help I look like a bad-tempered lady! (I’m lazy to smile lol)

Also, I’ll be going on the 4th year, second to last year before graduating! It’s a boarding school, which means everyone has their own gang members…

I’m afraid to be hated. What if I get in their way???

I’m thinking toooo much!!! HELP!

What should I do to get along with people?


Don’t panic, cause it sounds to me like you are panicking, but yeah I can feel the same way when yr going to school or somewhere and want to make new friends. lol.

Okay, hm, try to have a normal conversation with them, ask them how is there day going, etc, but not to much questions so u won’t bore them, if they want to still talk then u can continue on having a good flowing conversation.

Don’t get in their way if u feel like u are, so just back away from them. Don’t feel like you are going to be hated, you are not going to be hated, everything is going to be just fine. If something does go wrong, then find someone/administrator to talk to about it or just avoid the bad company.

u have a bad temper? okay, everyone has their bad temper side, and you may need to control it or you are going to get out of hand with some things lol. So just distract yourself with maybe listening to music or something.

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oops i’ve corrected it :sweat_smile:

I panicked when I think about all the new things i’ll be going through… urgh, i’m going to be so homesick…

any examples BAD topics to avoid talking about?

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I’ve never gone to boarding school, but I started a new school a few months ago (January) and I was sooooo anxious to start there, I knew no one and I was sure I was gonna make no friends and be hated and what not. It’s also an ‘alternative’ sort of school that you go to by choice when you have problems in regular schools. (It’s like a regular school, but smaller and less strict) a lot of ADHD there.
Anyway, I started there and since it’a such a loose, fun school there are a lot of social activities and I got to talk to some people and it really wasn’t that hard, everybody was like me, came there having no idea what to expect and it ended up completely fine. There also ‘clubs’ in the school (debating club, art club, travelling club) and idk if you will have stuff like that, but I joined all the clubs I could and it really helped me fit in.

Boarding school is different, but I’m sure you can make it!


I guess the best advice I could give you, would to just be yourself. It sounds clingy but if you try too hard to fit in you stand out, if that makes sense. Standing out isn’t a bad thing, but it needs to be for the right reasons. Trying to impress others doesn’t make you happy, and it doesn’t guarantee others will like you so being yourself will attract others like you to you… regular schools and boarding schools are different, but I’m sure you will be fine !! when you get there, try to find people who look approachable, nice, and easy to talk to. Maybe that one person will take you in, show you around, and introduce you to some of their friends. Who knows, maybe you will like it and enjoy being there… anything is possible.

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I can only join one club :sob:
Dilemma always hits me the start of each year… Which club should I join this year?"

Hopefully! Thank you :two_hearts:

Makes sense! I see… I’m planning to always have a book with me, but does that seem unapproachable?

You see, my social anxiety is always telling me that someone will hate me because I ‘snatched’ their friend away… :pensive:

Always having a book with you doesn’t necessarily make you unapproachable, if you have luck, someone who’s read the book you’re reading will probably approach you. Someone will most likely approach you anyways. I always bring a book to school to read during breaks and stuff or if I have else nothing to do, once I was reading a book and a guy approched me super happily because he loved that book and we just started talking about it and about more books and it was really fun :blush: (I was also approched at school many many more times because of books, never by girls though, only guys I have no idea why) so that actually might be a really good idea.

About the clubs, check which one is the funnest, maybe ask some people, that will make the choice much easier. The kinds of clubs when pretty crazy things happen in are always the funnest.


My favorite one was (and is) the debating club, I asked some people about it before joining and it sounded really fun. I ended up caring an egg painted in nail polish with 2 eyes glued on it everywhere I went for 2 weeks, because the teacher decided we should practice “responsibility” , it was so weird but so fun. And the weird egg I was carrying could easily be explained with the words “school project”. (I named it Roger Rabbit)

If you can find a club that has some really weird things going for it, you should join it.

It’s an all girl school and only limited to those who’re going for science stream. So, there aren’t many clubs. Although they have a variety of sports clubs! I hope I can join a good club!!

p/s: And how do you carry the egg? By hand?

Thanks for your pieces of advice, really helped me out a lot. :innocent:

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You’re welcome! And yes, by hand, at nights the egg was in the fridge though. I had to bring it everyday to school and send several selfies with it in different places everyday in a Whatsapp group they made for it to know everybody were actually doing it :joy: (but it was so fun carrying those eggs everywhere, everybody did it)

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Did anyone break em? :laughing:

Thank you again, and wish you the best!

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Yes, every single one. :rofl: except for one who broke it on the last day though lol. Mine lasted for a week and 4 days. (okay, less than 2 weeks but really close, that was so, oh so long :joy:)
And I wish you the best back, good luck at your new school!

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Fuhh… Yes! :fire::fire:

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