Help me adding clothes

I don’t know if it really works but if i want my character to wear headphones so for that I have to change my character’s entire outfit or is there any way? I’m a new writer please help!

Hey, @Anushka11!

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you will indeed have to change the entire outfit, even if you simply want to add some headphones.

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You have to create a whole outfit unfortunately

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Okay but i have seen a command @character preview item name (name of item)
Now what is this suppose to mean?

Preview is for show/demonstrate outfits, hair, features ets (choices) on a character to the reader without actually changing the code that makes up the characters apperance. Very handy at character customisations.
It wont work in your case though, unfortunatly, since earphones are an accessori so you’ll still have to make a new, identical outfit, containing them.