Help me again plase!

Sorry again but i need help again,
This program is a mess… Amazing but i can’t understand it…
I like writing stories and i think that Episode would be a good chance to share my ideas.
But i can’t use this program. I want to learn the basics,
I would be grateful if a volunteer would help me out and teach me the basics and how to start.
But in privat… We could talk via Facebook or instagram…
I’m hungarian so it is a bit difficult to understand all of this english tips from the editors.
If somebody has a little time to help me…I would be happy.

I could try and help, but I don’t really use social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, ect. there is basic tips that you can learn in the “guide” section that really helped me learn the ropes of Episode, you can try all of the tips and examples in the “guide section”, but if you feel like you need any help besides that, or something isn’t working out, feel free to ask me!

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Thanks!! Maybe i will need your help!! :*

Feel free to ask anytime! :slight_smile:

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