Help me again... withhhhhh Error messages

For my choice, the error message says “The label CollegeOrientation1 is not used” How do I fix that? Another message says “Use @CHARACTER walks to x y z in S” What does that mean?
Please help!!!
Savannah Taylor (ST)

you need to have a goto for the label and for the other one you put your char and then x for the x cord, y cord, and z cord (spot directing) in s amount of seconds.

@/CHARACTER walks to x y z in s means that you may have made a spelling mistake, or something is wrong with the code

You have used a goto for the label, therefore it isn’t used so could be deleted or a goto could be added.

Can you give me an example (Character: AIDEN)

@AIDEN walks to spot 1.280 100 0 in 2

This one is slightly different since it uses spot so the 1.280 is the scale of the character, 100 is the x of the character (horizontal position) and 0 is the z (vertical position) of the character. in 2 is how many seconds it takes for Aiden to walk to that spot from his current one. Most of the time its best to use spot directing like the example I gave.

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How do I know where the spot is?

There is a spot director in the portal and the app. It will tell you where the spot is