Help me by being a background character in my story!


hey guys I’m revamping my story but I have no idea on creating background characters. :sob:
Can you guys please help me by filling this form? It won’t take you guys more than 2 minutes :disappointed_relieved:

I would be very thankful :heart:

P/s: you can leave your instagram below for a follow from me :wink:


Nightengalexy23. Filled a character submission, good luck. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I could have done but I don’t have an Instagram


Filled one out. Let me know when your story is out and I’ll read it x


I got two for you, one male and one female. If you need more I’ll come by again, I love creating characters, haha.


…NOTE: I may have put my Insta down wrong in the form. xD It’s gwenbruce.episode, NOT gwenbruce_episode. I don’t know what I was thinking.


thank you so much :heart:


You don’t need to have a instagram, I meant that if you have instagram you can leave your here so I can follow as a way of saying “thank you”
YOu can still fill in this form without having an Instagram acc


haha, thank you for your help? Oh, If you love creating characters just fill in this form whenever you have free-time :wink:

OMG LOL, I will take note of your insta


Thank you so much :heart:
Of course I will if you are interested in :wink:


I filled it out two times. One male and one female


Hey there @ScarletV ,
Just wanted to let you know that I made a submission.

I don’t have an insta account specifically for Episode. I just have a private one.
When I do create an insta for episode, I shall post it here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Can’t wait to read your story!
Wish you all the best.


Same :frowning:


I would fill it out but the Instagram question is required so it won’t let me fill it out otherwise I’d submit two. :frowning:

You can also thank people on the Episode app or use their usernames on here so make that part of the question maybe so more people can sign up, including me. :slight_smile:


What style of episode is this for?


It’s Ink


Sr you very much =(( I fixed it


No problem. Submitted a male and female. :slight_smile: How will the thanking work in your story? :thinking:


No problem :grinning:


What do you mean?


Thank you so much :heart:
I wil try to publish it soon :wink: