Help me choose a cover please!


So I’m going to be posting my new story fairly soon, but I’m an incredibly indecisive sod and I can’t choose which cover to use.
Both of them are made by me, but are obviously VERY different in style and I just can’t decide :upside_down_face:

The story is called Oh, Devil (obviously) and it’s going to be a kind of thriller/romance kind of story?

Please help me :frowning:




The first one


I kind of like the second one. I think if you have CC, go with that one because a doesn’t depict the features of actual episode character.


1st one )


What beautiful covers! I love them both but I have to say the second one is my favourite. Have you created a small cover also? x






1st one is better. It depicts the topic more.


1st cover


1st cover! :slight_smile:


the 1st one is amazing :open_mouth:


Thank you!! The original artwork for the second one is actually without that ugly blue “shirt” thing it’s got going on but with the episode guidelines I had to make it look like I was wearing something :woman_shrugging:t3:

For the small covers I was just thinking of changing the crop and maybe moving the text, or making something different entirely I really am incredibly indecisive.


I do have CC but only because I’m not sure how everyone would feel about having blue hair HAHA


Thank you! if you ever want me to make you one let me know :kissing_smiling_eyes:




Lol, then I would suggest the second


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