Help Me Choose A Description For My Story

Hello everyone. Hope you all enjoying yourself.

I need anyone who can help me choose a better description for my upcoming story. I am having a hard time choosing a better one that sounds better and fit better for the story.

My story genres is: Mystery, Thriller and Drama.
The title name is: Traces Of The Past.
Status: Unpublished


This is the brief description about my story:

After a traumas and painful encounter of the past of 16 years ago. Loretta Evans discover along her journey that everything she has been told was a lied. Until she kept searching for the most important 5 answers to her questions dealing with only the truth. Once she has finally discover the unexpected hidden secrets, identities and truth about the life that were taken away from her and E. She and E has set out a plan to escape from the past. As three years later goes by, the traces of their past continue to haunts them even more in the present year of 2018. Where fear, pain and danger have taken over their life where they must overcome many obstacles that comes in their way. Including facing with their worst past tormentors. With a past of traumas, pain and lies, Loretta and E finds themselves battling for the life they finally deserves.

I’m going to put about 3 poll of the descriptions for you all to choose on you think that sounds better for my story and as you know Episode story description limit is maximum of 180 (Which I kind of wish it could be a little more longer) but I will also give the reader a option in my story, if they want to read a brief description about the story then the one that is proved on the Episode story description.

Anyway, read the poll in order…

First current basic one is old and I honestly felt like it didn’t give that mysterious details I was looking for about the story title or I just simply didn’t like it that much.

Second one, I literally wrote it like right now and it’s about 75% OK but I don’t know…

Third one… This is new and I also wrote this now and I think is good but I honestly not 100% sure.

  • Behind the past of 16 years ago is where the painful journey taken of a young girl past to the present year of 2018. Follow through her past and present life on what will happen.

  • When Loretta and E set out a plan to escape from the past of 16 y/o. 3 years later goes by, the traces of their past continue to haunts them even more in the present year of 2018.

  • Escaping from the past is difficult. But facing with your worst past tormentors is dangerous. Can Loretta and E battle for the life they finally deserves. Follow their journey.

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More than one opinion of your own at the bottom to give description about my story will be fine as well.

Thank you so much!


I mean’t to vote for the “escaping the past is difficult.” One, sounds like a great story btw!

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