Help me choose a story idea!


I want to start writing a story and I have two ideas that are very similar but I have no idea which plot I want to pursue. So please help and tell me which story you would rather read?

1. Accidental time travel where you are sent back to when your parents are in high school and you have to make sure history plays out correctly

2. Reverse the roles and instead your children are sent back to you while you’re in high school and it turns out the father is your crush

Both of these ideas have their pros and cons and I feel like I can build upon both of them. Please let me know which one interests you more and let me know your thoughts!

  • You go back in time
  • Your children go back in time

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Good luck!! They both seem like wonderful ideas… and I’m sure you will do great with whichever you chose


Thank you!! :heart:


Your welcome!!! :grin:


I was thinking to create story where your child come from future and he needs your help. So I more like your second idea because first one is too similiar to back to the future. Sorry if my english is bad and you can’t understand anything.


The first one is a lot like the movie ‘Back to the Future’ so the second one is a nice way to change it up a little. :grin: Good luck regardless!