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I’m beginning to plan a new story and I need some help choosing a title. For context, it’s a historical fiction set in colonial times that follows three strangers-turned-pirates on a journey that will most definitely not go as planned. My plans for this story are super ambitious, so I would love to have a memorable title to match. These are the three I’ve come up with:

Anchored in Revenge: I thought it was a cute play on words with anchor, and revenge plays a fair role in the plot so it makes sense. I guess I wanted to make it sound dramatic? I don’t know, I really liked it at first but now I’m not so sure.
Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: I like this one a lot. For those who haven’t heard the term, it’s similar to being caught between a rock and a hard place. I was thinking the ship could be called the Devil (or El Diablo, because the captain is Spanish) to make it more relevant.
Hell & High Water: This is a play on the “Come Hell or high water,” but it’s both Hell and high water because this trip is anything but smooth sailing :wink:

I don’t know, I obviously gravitate towards witty titles because I think they’re attention-grabbing, but honestly, are these titles appealing to anyone? Any one of them stand out more than the others? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anchored in Revenge
  • The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  • Hell & High Water
  • None of these capture my attention

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I voted for the last 2 BUT Anchored in Revenge I think would make a great sequel title!

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Ooooh that’s good motivation to finish this story and actually make a sequel lol

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I like a good pirate story! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

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One more bump for good measure. Thanks to everyone for voting so far!

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