Help me choose my story title

Help! I’m stumped :pensive:
My story is about two people who met at the beach and the girl helps the guy overcome some serious issues. Also, all of the scenes happen at the beach or just around the vicinity.


The Ripple Effect


Between the sea and sand
The beach of Love

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the beach of luck
ocean effect
sand effect
the beach
ocean luck
Lucky charm ??

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Sea you at dawn
The ocean effect

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the summer effect
Meeting me at the Beach
Beach Love

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My Manic Pixie Dream Girl

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what about:
or in between the palms

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I was coming in here to give ideas, but I don’t think I can top this one.

As I always say, there are two main kinds of titles, proper-noun titles or plot-summary titles.

The only proper-noun title that you could use would be the name of the beach, if the beach does have a name. But unless the beach has a catchy name, like “Redemption Beach,” you’re probably best going with a plot-summary title.

Here are a few, although I still think Skyler’s suggestion is better lol:

  • Ocean Sunrise
  • A Summer to Remember
  • Grains of Sand
  • Tide Pools

If this were my story, I’d base the title on a particularly emotional moment in the story.

An sample from a hypothetical story called Tide Pools, you can actually use this if you want idm lol

Kyler watched Leah as she stood silhouetted by the sunset. This girl had once been an annoyance, an invasive presence trying to tear apart the walls he’d built. But now, he wondered what he’d been protecting himself from, and how he’d seen a threat in her. From the time they’d met, with her in that fearless red bikini, to now, as she stood wearing his t-shirt, water from her recent swim making it cling to her body.

Leah didn’t see the looks he gave her. Her eyes were elsewhere at the moment, watching a hermit crab scuttling in a puddle just in front of her neon green flip-flops.

“Kyler, look,” she said, pointing one delicate finger at the pool by her feet.

Kyler stood beside her, his hands in the pockets of his shorts. This tide pool was no different than the others. Two tiny fish, an oyster, some barnacles, and the aforementioned crab. “What?”

“Those fish must feel stuck,” she said. “They can’t see anything other than the walls around them.” She did look up at him then, her brown eyes shining in the last of the daylight. “But that’s not all there is. Just because they can’t see the ocean right now doesn’t mean it’s gone.” Her gaze turned to the shore then, and his did as well. They watched the waves slowly creep forward for a moment. “They’re stuck in a tide pool for now,” said Leah. “But the tide is rising. And when it does, the entire ocean will be within reach.”

This one’s good! I might use this :blush: Thank you so much! Also, do you mind if I use your name for my character?

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Sooooo good! Are you gonna make a story based on this one? 'cause I’d totally read it.

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Eyyy, ty lol. :grin: But nah, I can only write romance in small parts, it’s hard for me to keep it up lol.

Yay! I’d love for you to use it! And of course you can use my name, it’s a pretty name!