Help me come up with a story description!

Hi there! I’ve been working hard on my story so much that there’s NO turning back :rofl:
I decided that I should finalize this and get rid of the doubts with a description. But I’m not a native English speaker so I need help to come up with an original description that will stay in everyone’s mind.

Here’s the plot: Okay so there’s a country who’s been divided in two. North and South. Northerns can’t go to South and Southern can’t go to North. If you try to cross the border you get shot. However, before this law is enforced, a Southern woman and her foreign husband successfully crosses the border and moves to North. Soon later, their daughter (who is half foreign and half southern) is born. Some stuff happen and she ends up as orphan while jingoism is spread through the whole Northern country. She soon joins military hiding as a half blood Northern.

Jingoism: Extreme patriotism

I hope I was able to explain enough. I don’t want to give up the whole plot but it is basically fraud and lots of military stuff.

In a world divided in two, your existence broke the laws long before you knew it. What hardships are you gonna face, and how are thing going to turn out for you, Mrs (insert title that your character will have).


Our planet has long lost it fraternity, making it into two separate worlds, the North and South. What is there in store for you when you have the blood of these two nations flowing through your veins?

I hope you like them, I think someone is going to do better but YOLO

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Oh my God these sound so good! You are perfectly able to tell what I meant! Thank you so much! Appreciated :heart:

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No problem, I can’t wait to read it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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