Help me come up with ideas!

Usually I have no problem coming up with ideas for stories but this time, I’m VERY stuck.
I published a story a while ago (“Sunny”) with three chapters. Most of the people who’ve read it have said its good, which I’m SUPER grateful for!!

But… I have no clue what to do for the fourth episode. At the end of the third episode the two main characters had their first kiss, then it faded out. I don’t know what to do next and I feel as though I’ve rushed the character’s relationship, but it’s too late to go back now. The kiss has completely thrown off my ideas for the story seeing as I was most likely half asleep while writing the ending of episode three!

If you have any ideas at all, please PM or comment on his thread!

TL;DR: Help me come up with ideas for the fourth episode of my story!


What genre is it?

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You should have like the 4th episode strat as

(Don’t ask what this is it’s just some thinking i did)
fades out black
@MC starts deepbreath
I can’t belive he kissed me/Omg we kissed!!

@MC is blush

And then when the mc sees him the guy he kissed then he’s with another girl and the MC will be sad and all that

But it turns out she’s his sister and the MC just ignores him all day


I am struggleling with ideas for my story so I know how it feels :joy::

You could do something like maybe one of her childhood lovers (like old crush) moves to the school and sees her kissing him (her old crush turns out to have a crush on her ) and gets all upset.

I’m not very good with things like this but I hope it’s ok.