Help Me Create Our Own Shelf!

Heya everyone,

Since Episode doesn’t seem to want to put the shelf suggestions on the forums anytime soon and they often feature stories that already have many views/authors who are well known, I was thinking about starting my own “shelf” on my website where I spotlight great, under appreciated stories and review them. I would love it if you could give some suggestions!

I will try to post one every Sunday for people to read and link to it in my blog. Hopefully this will give some stories the recognition they deserve!

In particular, I am looking for stories of any genre which are well written with a unique idea and good characterisation

I have a few rules though:

  1. Please do not promote your own story. This is a shelf post, not a review thread or an R4R. Other people’s stories only, please! It will be a great way to show that we support each other instead of just ourselves.

  2. I consider “underappreciated” stories to be anything with less than 15,000 reads per chapter. I will prioritise anything with under 1000 reads per chapter, though.

  3. Only stories with good SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) please! I want to promote the importance of these things in a good story.

  4. Stories that adhere to the guidelines, please! As much as I love a little steamy romance or gore, that’s not what Episode is for. I’d love to promote stories that manage to be interesting without using against-the-guidelines content.

  5. If you find an already suggested story and you agree with the suggestion, please give it a like so I know many people would like it to be featured!

How it works
I’m going to be reviewing the first 3 chapters of the story, focussing on the characterisation, storyline and readability. On my blog post, I will include my own synopsis, as well as the style of the story, whether or not it’s CC and my own “diversity badge” that I’ll create if I think the story is good for diversity.

I will announce the story I’m covering at least 2 days before I write about it so if you’re the author and you’d like to provide a good quality version of the cover, I’d much appreciate it!

Of course, if authors aren’t happy being featured on my blog, you can email me (through my website) or message me on here and I’ll be happy to have a discussion with you and/or take the post down.

Please share any stories you think deserve appreciation! You can either add them on this thread or use the form here:

Thank you so much in advance! Let’s promote those underappreciated authors together!

Spotlight Sundays

One of the Girls
Strongholds & Wyverns


This is a great idea!

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Thank you!!! I’m hoping we can do better than Episode with promoting authors… just like we’re doing better with creating stories!


On @EliseC ‘s recommendation, I think I’ll start with One of the Girls by @amberose because I’ve already read it and love it! Look out for it on my website on Sunday!


Can I suggest Kotten Kandie by @PrettyEri and Music In Our Hearts by @Mary-P


Do you have any preference in genre, style, theme or anything?
I know you said it didn’t matter but I have way too many stories in my favorites and I don’t want to ask you to read them all…

Also where is @EliseC’ s post because I wanted to like it :smiley:


It was a DM so here is my official recommendation:

I recommend basically any story by @Amberose but in particular One of the Girls because it’s absolutely hilarious and a real gem.


Thank you! :smiley:


I am FREAKING out!

Obviously I think this is a great idea @ShanniiWrites and that’s not just because you said you’re going to start with me :laughing:

Also thank you @EliseC and @Annieways

I’m going to pay it forward and suggest Echo Creek by @writingwithjade


I don’t have a preference! I might change up the genre each post so writers of all kinds get a chance to be featured, but apart from that, suggest away! I’ve got a big notebook for it!


There’s a story called Crystalised for the college days contest and it’s about the MC opening up and exploring with her sexuality.

Riddled by @lonewolfe
It’s amazing fantasy story with great directing and custom backgrounds.


Thanks Amber! :wink:


I plan on reading your story. :wink:

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Love quest by Katie and Maddie
Caught up in the moment by Ana Stacy
Telvokai by Corvaena
Detenu by J.Miley
Music in our hearts by Mary-P
Queen of the freaks by Shaniiwrites
Finding mr or mrs. right by M.Black
Infected by Caitoriri
Anything by S.Langdon
I could add more but dont wanna overwhelm…
Most if not all have diversity and choices and CC (the trifecta)


From Riches to Rags by @ErinH is amazing!
The Princess Project by @zen.zelee is also awesome!
Both are under 1000 reads and deserve far more!


Thank you so much :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Changing for Bad by @Shanzella
Stronghold & Wyverns by @CosmicIvy


I’m flattered :slight_smile: S&W is being revamped right now. I learned so much during the creation of my college days entry.