Help Me Decide Please

Alright, my very first story was in Classic, and the second part if it is going to be revamped. I am thinking of putting it both into Limelight to make it a FULL story series. What should I do? Continue in Classic, or put it in Limelight? Not sure if I’m going to put it in INK. What do u guys think?

  • Full story in Limelight.
  • Full story in INK.
  • Finish it in Classic.

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Choose Limelight :crazy_face:
if u want :heart:

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ik! Im thinking the same thing since new hairstyles, clothing, etc. Ill make it into a full series in limelight.

So, now all I need in a cover, and some splashes. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM REVAMPING ALL OF MY STORIES!

Except my adventurous one. Ill be working on all of my stories! Can’t wait! 4 stories are being revamped, and 1 I am working on. This is gonna be good.


I’d finish it in classic, even if you just do a really short watered down version. It would irritate me to have a unfinished story on my profile and I do have many of them. Then you can make it the way you really want in limelight or ink.

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That is a good idea, plus part 2 of my first love is already out, but needs to be revamped. So, I will continue in classic them make it a full series in Limelight.

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I’d say first finish it in Classic, and then revise it using Limelight. That’s what I’d do.

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