Help me decide which story to write!

Hi everyone! I need your help! I have way too many story ideas and constantly start new stories without finishing others. If you could vote on which story you think would be a better read, that would be greatly appreciated!!(Feel free to give any feedback, all is welcome and appreciated)


Summary: After your father’s passing, you are next in line to ascend to the throne of Arcadia. The beginning of your reign will be the most crucial, as you must learn how to protect and provide for your subjects. You will also face great difficulties, such as the many hardships a war that threatens your life, and your position as queen. Will you survive?

Extras: Limelight, limited character customization, dressing games, 4 love interests, special scenes/artwork, and choices matter.

Super Ironic

Summary: Being a high school senior is hard, but being a superhero is considered even harder. When you and a group of classmates discover your ironic superpowers, how will you balance getting your diploma and saving the world?

Extras: Limelight, full character customization (your character only) , 6 love interests, action scenes, special scenes/artwork, dark themes and strong language, and choices matter

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  • Reign
  • Super Ironic

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Honestly, I like both of them! And 4/6 love interest? That’s pretty impressive!


Thank you! I’m gonna try my hardest to make it work, i feel as though having more options deepens the story as each love interest is different in personality and actions. :slight_smile:

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This was really hard to choose but super inronic I would love to help you code

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