Help me decide! 😩


Hi guys. I’m writing a story but I can’t choose a good storyline. I would love to hear your thoughts.
Also would love some suggestions for names along with the story, I need some inspo and would love to hear your opinions!
My ideas were:

A supernatural romance story, with werewolves, vampires (other supernatural creatures) where they fight for the girl and face their own problems. Learning about the backstory of each character along the way. love triangle type of thing.

Or B) again, a supernatural fantasy story. Where a female is in a terrible accident with her family and needs blood, from an anonymous donor she gains supernatural powers. She tries to find the man who gave blood to her, but he’s right under her nose, but he’s not normal. Everyone has secrets!

HELP ME DECIDE GUYS!!! I love to hear your opinions!! :heart:


I’d go with A, but B sounds awesome too!


Thank you for your opinion! :heartbeat:


I would go with B, because wevewolves and vampires are cliche and a lot of people hate that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do think they are clique too. I want something original and out of the ordinary! :heartbeat:


I love that sort of stuff! :joy:


So do I! I’m a sucker for romance. Especially love triangles ahahahaha.




Well, we all have different likings!


Hopeless romantics over here y’all!! I’m such a sucker for ANYTHING involving romance. :joy:


I like the sound of B


Thank you for sharing your opinion! :hugs:


I like B


Thank you!!!


Please go with B :smile: it sounds amazing and is different compared to the typical supernatural stories :blush:


I don’t mean to be one of those people, but it seems rather clique to be doing the typical romance with supernatural beings. It gets rather boring, but that’s just me.

But either way, B sounds interesting as its not following a typical pattern. Good luck on your story! :grin:


Thank you for sharing your opinion! I think I’m going to go with B!! :blush:


I also believe cliques can be rather boring as we see a lot of them! I think B is what I’ll be writing about!

Thank you! :heart_decoration:


I would go with A. What is it gonna be called if you do?


B sounds great, there are quite a few vampire/ werewolf love triangle cliché stories on Episode right now.