Help me design this scene!


Okay, so I’m not sure if this is in the right place, if not, please feel free to redirect it to the right section.

I’d like to start by saying that this might be a bit disgusting for some people. So I don’t really wanna force anyone. You’re free to leave if you wish.

Now, on May 19 I created a thread called: Would you consider these scenes too brutal? now I’m creating the story and I have to use one of these scenes, the bat scene. (repeatedly hitting someone’s skull with a bat)

This is a very sensitive topic for younger audiences, I already have a warning “This story has mature themes, some scenes may traumatize younger audiences, proceed with caution.” this is my warning, but we all know no one gives a single damn about warnings. So, how can I create this scene so it doesn’t get me banned and doesn’t disturb everyone?

Please don’t tell me to remove it, I simply can’t. It’s important for the plot.

A few suggestions:

  • Make it off screen, add sound effects.
  • Option to skip the scene.
  • Zoom out after the first hit and use sound effects.

I’m open to hear new opinions and modify the existing ones.


I think the third option would be alright.
I’m not too sure though :thinking:


Sound effects idea looks good. You know, it also use in cartoon :hugs:so that children wouldn’t find it disturbing.
Maybe something like-> MC is in position to hit that person and then go off screen and use sound, this way people know what is happening with less disturbingness :sweat_smile:


That’s the tricky part, review team never leaves once they get to you. So that option is kinda tricky unless review team approves it. Although they don’t answer the tickects :sweat_smile:


That might be good, I actually planned it like that, but then I remembered people would still understand the scene. Kids may be afraid still :grimacing:


I’d give the option to skip the scene so, it’s ultimately the readers choice.


I think an option to not see it is best and if they choose not to then just add sound effects and a small non-gross description of what the scene is


That’s good, after all if they stay, it’s gonna be their fault. :thinking:




I can’t really describe scenes like this without going into detail, I could use some innocent blood overlays though. That’d be enough I guess :thinking:




Innocent blood overlay :joy:wow
But it will be good idea to use blood overlay as pictures speaks louder than words (haha,:sweat_smile:)


I have exactly what I need for offscreen display, with the help of a few overlays, it should be good enough :joy:


Wow, you have full proof plan then​:thinking::hugs:
And I am just at 1st stage of writing… from a month😅


I’ve been planning for a long time now, it’s only natural :joy:


Welp,then I need to patience and should start with making character,maybe😅
And good luck with your story :hugs::v::+1:


bump! still open for opinions!


bummpppppp! the scene is coming closer, i need help :cry:


Did you do it?