Help me develop an idea plz?


Ok so i’m new to episode interactive and i have a vague idea for a story but i need help on whether the idea is good and how to develop the story a little more.
The idea is like the book Uglies where it’s a future utopia and all sixteen year olds get beautifying surgery for their birthdays. Before 16, you’re called and Ugly and after 16 a Pretty. The problem is, people don’t know that the surgery also takes away a part of the brain that causes war and conflicts. This makes the people somewhat oblivious and controlled and more materialistic.
Basically my idea is similar to the book where the main character meets a friend who wants to run away and knows about the brain surgery, so the mc has to decide whether she wants to run away or live an ignorance is bliss type of life.

Plz let me know what you think, any suggestions to make it better, etc. I also want to know if you have any ideas for a different conflict bc i feel like the one i have is too simple and would only take like one episode to resolve. Thanks!


This sounds interesting, but I don’t know how much of this is your idea and how much it is based on the book. First of all make sure to work this out on your own way, otherwise you will run into copyright issues and your story may get banned.


This idea seems interesting but I would make sure that you include at least one love interest. You could make one love interest a person that got the surgery(and performs surgeries) but is willing to go against the organization and another love interest were they are someone that doesn’t want to get the surgery and let the reader choose at the end who they want to be with. This would help the protagonist because they have someone the works on the inside. Also, make sure to make it where there are other people like the protagonist that don’t want to get the surgery and they are hiding in like a whole village or something. But, make sure you have a plot twist were another character that loves the protagonist (a now antagonist) goes to snitch about whats going on and the antagonist/denied love interest does this because they think if both the antagonist and the protagonist get the surgery they could be together. So now since, the antagonist snitches while the protagonist and the love interest(that doesn’t want the surgery) are going to destroy the organization. The love interest has to go back to the village to help those people to boss up and prepare. Before the people that work in the system try and get to them and make them have the surgery. While the protagonist is on their way to go destroy the machines and organization they could meet up with the other love interest that works in the organization.And they inform the protagonist about a rumor that is going around about people trying to come and stop the organization. So like let’s say they have security in the building and security is super tight. So the protagonist goes with the love interest so it looks like the protagonist is getting surgery (to not run suspicions). And then let’s say while the protagonist is going with the love interest they need to find a way to get the security and everyone out. So now the other love interest comes with the people from the village of people that didn’t want to get the surgery to help. So all the like police and security have to go out to fight with the people from the village.So now the protagonist goes to find out how to shut down the machine.But on the way, the protagonist finds this older guy that is working the system but he is waiting for her.And he says that he was waiting for her because she is his daughter.At this moment the protagonist strongly disagrees and said you “aren’t my father your nothing to me and never will be just a man that destroys lives.” "And he responds **"you’re just like your mother always going against me and my word."Then continues to say ** ‘‘and that’s why I had to kill your mother because she didn’t like the organization.’’“So then the protagonist starts tussling with the boss guy.And then eventually the love interest that works in the system comes in and the dad/boss guy tells him to shoot the girl.And he is extremely hesitant and then the dad says “do it son, and the love interest looks at him in the eyes and said, “you aren’t my father” and shoots him in the arm.The love interest is fighting and tussling with the boss.While the protagonist is on the computer but its set up to blow in 30 seconds.So she tells the love interest and the love interest told her to leave.And she was like “no” and then he said well “we can’t both die you have people waiting on you.I only have you. do you trust me?” Then she said “what” and then the love interest said " do you trust me?" Then she was like “yes” then he said go because if she stayed she wouldn’t get out.So the love interest that performs surgeries says he will/she will take care of the system so the protagonist has enough time to get out of the building.But the problem is that the love interest will still be in the building.So then right after the protagonist gets out of the building the places explodes.But while the protagonist was running away.The love interest shot the dad’s arm once again.Then the boss asked him why he/she shot him and when the love interest got treated with nothing but standards of royalty.And the love interest said “so if you do survive you won’t be able to use your hands again.'Then the boss looks at the love interest and laughs and says “I saw potential in you-you’re just like me.” And the love interest yells “that is where you’re wrong.” And then the boss said “your right I never was a sucker and let me feeling get in the way your weak and pathetic.” Then the boss said **“But you love her, don’t you.”**And the love interest said “I do, I may be weak and pathetic but I am not you and I rather be that then you any day.” Then the boss said laughing **” ha you’re missing out kid because now she has control over you, she stronger than you, and when she betrays you, she will break you.”**Then he said " what gonna makes you think that she is going to love you back your a killer one of my killers." Then he looked at him one last time and said “Bye Sucker.” And then ran then officially boom/explosion.Ok now wait a while before you have the love interest return. Making the reader think that the love interest is dead but he/she isn’t they ran and took a shortcut to escape.Then the protagonist runs to the other love interest that didn’t want to get surgery and tell him/her that the other love interest died for her.But shortly after the other love interest that performed surgeries comes out and then the protagonist runs to them all happy and stuff.Then she asks what happened and then the love interest that performs surgeries tells the story of what happened after she ran off.And the love interest tells her everything about what the dad said and him loving her.While the people from the village there and the other love interest is there as well. Now then the reader has to soon pick which love interest they want to be with.So then they start living to make a better society and teach the people to be themselves and fight.But they still have one treat no one knows who snitched except for the boss that died.So then you could follow up on that story about was like the snitch/antagonist ran away to then come back and wants revenge and to ruin the protagonist and whichever love interest lives because of the denied love interest from before/antagonist feels they were denied, love.Plot twist also that then the snitch was the boss’s step-son and the stepson was like abandoned because after he killed the protagonist mom.He slept or raped a random woman which was the antagonist mom and the killed her.Then the antagonist ran away to live in the village. But he feels like he better than them and that he never belong their because his dad was the leader.So he is trying to ruin the protagonist’s future and the love interest.Whichever love interest the reader picked. The antagonist always felt that they were always an outsider and denied love.So yea lol hope this was helpful.


Wow, that was long.


Wow thanks u guys. I wasn’t sure in the first place if i’d even use the idea so this was helpful. Also to the comment concerning copyright i was mainly just saying what happens in the book and that isn’t really what i’d write exactly, i should have said “help me make a changed story that uses the idea of pretty surgery and possibly running away”