Help Me Direct A Scene Please!


Can someone direct a scene in Limelight for me please? I struggled to do it so if you’re interested can you please reply to this or PM me. I just need about 12 characters sitting on the floor in the MANSION ENTERTAINMENT ROOM.

Please help me! :heart:


I can help! If it’s alright with you though I’ll have to do it in about 20 minutes.


That really depends on how you want it to look like though :confused:


Great, PM when you’re ready. :wink:


Just a party, people sitting and playing Truth or Dare.


There is a scrip template you can use for ink if that’s what you’re looking for


No, it’s not because I want them sitting.


I can try making one for you but it might take a while though


Yay! Thank you! I will see if I like @cakepie99999’s first though. Don’t want to waste your time. :slight_smile:


@Jeremy/@Sydney_H Please close this thread. I’ve got the help I need. :relaxed:


Right on! Topic closed. :smiley: