Help me educate myself on being closeted LGBTQ+

So I have a closeted demisexual character in my story. Can any LGBTQ+ people educate me on what it’s like to be in the closet?

Hey, so I kind of want to answer this question, because I am still enduring this. Being in the closet is like having to endure this feeling of loneliness, because I feel as if I can’t talk to anyone just yet about who I truly am. It gets overwhelming because you just want to be free and not judged but I know I’m going to be judged regardless. This feeling of fear overcomes me and I do go through a phase of depression and I put on this face that everything is just fine, but when its time for me to go to sleep, this depression grasps me and I feel dead inside. It’s different for everyone because some people have a support system, and some don’t. I live with my parents and they are against people who are like me. They are really strict, whereas they think of people that are gay or bi, or even trans as an abomination. But I’m still going strong.


Thank you! When the story is public, I’m going to add some credits at the start that says “Thank you to queen_Phoenix30 on the epi forums for helping me educate myself on the LGBTQ+!”

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lol, thanks.

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